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Free Yourself From the Crushing Weight of Debt

From credit card bills to loan payments, it's easy for debt to add up until it becomes overwhelming. But you're not out of options if you're unable to pay your debts. Bankruptcy might sound intimidating, but it can remove your debt and give you a fresh start.

You can take advantage of Chapter 7 bankruptcy when you visit Sanders Law Firm, P.A. Our attorney will explain the process and help you determine if it's the best path forward for your situation. With a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you might forfeit some of your assets to help pay off debts. Our attorney can review your situation and let you know what to expect.

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Reorganize your debt into easier payments

Maybe you're struggling but still have a significant income and can pay off some of your debts. You can get debt repayment assistance through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You'll appreciate that...

  • Your debt will be restructured into longer-term, smaller payments
  • You can keep more of your property and assets
  • Some of your total debt might be reduced, saving you money in the long run
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